When The Unexpected Happens: Part 2

I remember when I felt prompted to go on my church’s Fall Retreat last year. I also remember not having budgeted enough money due to emergency circumstances but I was determined to encounter God. And that was the premise of the Fall Retreat, it was called Encounter. I knew that if I surrendered everything to God on this retreat, I will encounter Him and be sensitive to His voice. Surely, that’s what happened. In addition, I met so many wonderful people, established relationships and learned valuable lessons all in one weekend.

Now, after leaving the campsite and basking in His glory for 1-2 weeks after, I eventually transitioned back to the mundane, day to day life. Not expecting much yet trusting God to do exceedingly and abundantly. I noticed on the days I didn’t spend much time in His presence, I felt the weight of hopelessness; as if it was impossible for God to do a miracle in my life.

In November when I found out that my team at work will be relocating to an office in New Jersey I felt dismayed. Nonetheless feeling a strong nudging from the Holy Spirit to fast because my future felt uncertain. I don’t particularly enjoy patterns of complacency or non-stimulating tasks which is also why I felt the need to pray for uncertaintly in my career. I felt like there was more to be done and I wanted to serve wherever God wanted me to serve and be challenged as much as possible.

So I decided to start my 2019 financial breakthrough fast in December. Now around this time, I was in conversation with someone I met on the retreat in October. She insisted on meeting up with me. We kept planning our reunion but of course, there were some scheduled conflicts on both of our ends that caused our meetup to be delayed. During the fast, she texted me about a book she wanted to give me as a gift when she got back from Aruba.

We eventually met up on New Year’s day. We had a wonderful time of fellowship. It was amazing. Before we departed she gave me the book and a card. I thought it was extremely sweet and unexpected. I said thank you as she suggested that I open the envelope when I got home. So I followed her instruction and…I found $100 as soon as I opened the envelope. I wept immediately. I think what was so profound to me was the way in which God answers prayers. It’s always unexpected and always on time. His timing is perfect and I see how He blesses us when we least expect it so He can get all of the credit, the glory, the honor, and praise. Hence only He can use His people to carry out His blessings during a time of uncertainty and despair.

I truly did not deserve such a gift. I couldn’t understand why she was so kind to me. She and I only met once on the retreat and she didn’t know me or my situation. An outstanding display of  Christ’s character to show grace in such a way! It was such a remarkable way to start 2019. Moments like these are significant reminders of God’s provision in our lives. His praise will forever be on my lips and I will always be reminded of His divine providence. I pray my testimony blessed you and that you will continue to trust God during seasons of uncertainty in your lives. Only He has foresight. Only He knows the beginning and the end. So continue to seek His kingdom and His righteousness and do not worry about tomorrow.

God Bless!

Author: Vanessa Mack

A Christian millennial, fascinated with grace, passionate about learning, tech, finance, expressive writing and encouraging others.

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